Launching the new Kenevo


Life in motion with intelligent solutions.

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (May 3, 2021) –When introduced, Kenevo was the first prosthetic fitting solution in the world with state-of-the-art technology developed specifically for the needs of users with mobility grades 1 and 2.

Kenevo is a microprocessor controlled knee joint for users who are especially reliant on accessories to cope with everyday situations. For users who are just beginning their rehabilitation process. It forms the basis for users to be more mobile and independent – so they feel safe again.

The new Kenevo has extended functionality to simplify and enrich the life of the user. It makes the intuitive assisted descent of ramps and use of a bicycle ergometer possible. Everyday routines such as putting on the prosthesis or charging with a foam cover are now even more convenient.

Learn more about Kenevo and all the functions on the product page.

About Ottobock

All around the world, the Ottobock name stands for high-quality and technologically outstanding products and services in the field of medical technology. Established 101 years ago in Germany, Ottobock opened its doors in Scandinavia in 1967. Currently in its third generation as a privately held company, Ottobock offers products and services to help people maintain or regain their freedom of movement. For 100 years, people have been the focus of everything we do – true to our values, “human, reliable, inventive.”

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