Maintenance and repair

Our certified service technicians around the world carry out mandatory and recommended maintenance as well as repairs. Further information regarding the specified and recommended maintenance intervals can be found on the relevant product service card.

Maintenance and repair in Human Mobility at Ottobock


We specify appropriate maintenance intervals for many of our products in order to prevent complaints and give you the option of planning maintenance independently. This allows the service life of the product to be used in an optimal manner, and you benefit from cost transparency.

During maintenance, products are carefully inspected, wear parts replaced and software and technical updates carried out if necessary. If our experts conclude that a repair is also necessary during maintenance, we provide an estimated cost. If it is accepted, the repair can be performed as part of the maintenance work.

If the user has purchased a warranty package, he or she ensures the full validity of the guarantee is maintained by meeting the specified maintenance intervals in a timely manner. The service card for the respective product provides information regarding the maintenance intervals and guarantee.

You will generally receive a reminder from us some time before the maintenance interval is due. Please contact us when you receive this reminder.


During a repair, a mechanical/functional inspection, incoming and outgoing tests as well as cleaning and disinfection are carried out as part of the precise analysis of the product. We then ascertain whether there is a warranty or guarantee claim. If this is the case, our service technicians perform a repair.

If there is a complaint that is not included in the guarantee or warranty, we provide a cost estimate in advance. Depending on what the owner or paying party decides, the product is returned to you after being repaired or as is.

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