Loaner and test units

Ottobock offers loaner and test units for many products and accesses a globally available pool of more than 8,000 units for this purpose. This allows you to provide the user with a fitting even while maintenance or repairs are carried out.

Please contact our After-Sales department if you need a loaner or test unit. As soon as it arrives, you arrange an appointment with your customer and then carry out the corresponding fitting independently. Please see the description in the download area for detailed information regarding this process.

Ottobock provides you with a rental joint for the duration of maintenance or repair work, as well as for testing purposes.

Would you like to test one of our products?

With our pool of loaner and test units, we offer you a practical way of performing test fittings quickly and easily. In the download section below, you find the order forms for requesting test units for the mechatronic knee joints and our range of KAFO’s and FES products.

For requesting test units, loaner units or if you have any further question, please contact us via +46 11 21 52 04 or