Upper Limb

Sophisticated arm prostheses from Ottobock serve as a substitute for the most important functions of the human hand and simultaneously restore its external appearance. A complete range from cosmetic to myoelectric components can be found in our spectrum of products. Thanks to modern controls, users can even use both hands at work and in their leisure time. Find out about our products here.

Prosthetic hands for children

Medical technology for children represents a tremendous challenge. We offer the right prosthetic hands for the respective age groups. These specifically prepare children for their subsequent fitting.


Shoulders and elbows for adults

The elbow component provides assistance when lifting the hand and assuming certain positions. The shoulder joint enables comfortable movement patterns, especially for activities done close to the body.


Prosthetic hands for adults

Whether myoelectric, cable-controlled or passive: both the functionality and production of Ottobock’s prosthetic hands are top quality. They provide individual solutions for a wide range of requirements.


Gloves, individual covers and accessories

Prosthetic gloves smoothly integrate a prosthesis into the user’s overall body image. Produced by hand, silicone covers enable a deceptively realistic appearance.