Socket Technologies

Socket Technologies focuses on the most individual component of a prosthesis: the socket. Its purpose is to protect the residual limb, control the knee and foot components and ensure the prosthesis is comfortable. Custom fabrication of the socket and the right combination of a liner and closure solution are essential for the success of each and every prosthetic fitting.


Movements that can cause damage to the residual limb occur in the socket during all activities. The objective of Socket Technologies is to control these movements.



Ottobock is the only supplier in the world that gives you the option of selecting a silicone, copolymer or polyurethane liner for your customers. This means you can find the best possible solution for every user.


Suspension systems

Better adhesion and enhanced support: Learn about innovative vacuum technologies, KISS lanyard and shuttle lock fittings from Ottobock.


Donning sheaths

Donning sheaths make it easier and more comfortable to put on the prosthesis. Plus, they are handy, easy to fold, and can be easily washed in the washing machine.