Lower Limb

For decades, Ottobock has been continually setting milestones in the field of prosthetic fittings. Sophisticated mechanical and mechatronic technologies have paved the way for intelligent control, intuitive walking or real-time adjustment to movement. Lightweight carbon springs and high-performance hydraulics can be applied in everyday life, sports and leisure time. Together with the latest generation of adapters, our leg prostheses offer extensive stability and freedom of movement.

Prosthetic foot portfolio

You choose the right foot for your patients, we provide the options.

More than a foot. A foundation.

With every fitting, your goal is the same as ours: to craft the best possible solution for your patients. Get to know our entire portfolio here!


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Individually tailored solutions for your TT users

Every user is unique, and each one has unique needs. Their different tastes and preferences, physical condition, mobility grades and hobbies will all influence the choice of prosthesis components.


Prosthetic feet

Sophisticated mechatronics, complex mechanics and carbon spring feet result in stable movement patterns.


Knee joints

Groundbreaking developments in the area of mechanical and mechatronic knee joints make nearly physiological walking and the approximation of a natural gait pattern a reality.



Leg prostheses not only benefit from sophisticated, functional prosthetic components, but also from high-performance modular adapters.


Hip joints

3D hip movements or hydraulic control throughout the entire gait cycle: Our hip joints offer new standards for fittings following a hip disarticulation or hemipelvectomy.


Prosthesis covers

From aesthetic upgrades such as silicone solutions and SuperSkin coatings to foam covers and protective covers featuring modern designs – prosthesis covers play a very important role for many users.



Browse a broad selection of options for lower limb prostheses: footshells, soles, heel wedges and accessories for knee joints.