Ottobock’s NeuroOrthopedics segment is devoted to neuromuscular disorders and holds the position of global market leader. Custom orthotics makes it possible to fit each person with an orthosis that suits his or her special requirements and achieve greater mobility.

Stroke products

Ottobock offers orthoses specifically for treatment following a stroke, ranging from sophisticated dorsiflexion-assist orthoses and a surface stimulator to orthoses for the hand and shoulder.


Ankle foot orthoses (AFO)

Our portfolio includes flexible ankle joints, free motion ankle joints, ankle joints with a dorsiflexion function, multifunctional ankle joints and dynamic components.



A wide range of splints in varying sizes made from aluminium, steel and titanium can be found here. A large selection is available for the thigh and lower leg areas.


Complete leg orthoses and knee orthoses (KAFO/KO)

Ottobock offers a widely varied selection of knee joints. These joints may be free motion, locked, stance-phase controlled or stance- and swing-phase controlled.


Hip knee ankle foot orthoses and hip orthoses (HKAFO/HO)

A specific selection of classic components for children and adults: from the hip rotation orthosis to reciprocal walking orthoses to abduction orthoses.