Introducing Let's Talk O&P Podcast

Let's talk O&P podcast

Let’s talk O&P, Ottobocks podcast for CPOs, technicians, and everyone who works in the O&P intdustry. Hosted by Nicklas Grønvold, Norwegian Account Manager. The podcast will feature the latest trends, best practices and educational topics.


Rehabilitation after leg amputation

Episode 4 | In this special episode in Swedish, we explore the topic of rehabilitation after amputation together with physiotherapists Lena Gudmundson and Hanna Löwén.

Introducing C-Brace

Episode 3 | Together with renowned experts and practical fitting insights from Denmark, we discuss the world's first mechatronic stance and swing phase control orthosis.

Fitting prosthetic feet

Episode 02 | Renowned CPO expert Dries Glorieux share his experience and knowledge in conducting prosthetic fittings with particular focus on feet. Among other, we discuss the functional foot triangle and finding the right compromise for best patient outcome and the future of prosthetic feet.

AFO and KAFO tips and tricks

Episode 01 | Nicklas interviews Volker Schmidt, CPO and global colleague. Volker shares his tips and tricks when it comes to manufacturing custom-made KAFOs and AFOs. With over 25 years of experience, Volker is our go-to-guy with a wealth of Orthotics knowledge.

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