TT Selection Tool – Made for O&P professionals

Are you looking for suitable components for a transtibial fitting? Ottobock has created a range of high quality products that not only coordinate perfectly with each other, but can also be adapted to the individual needs of different users. In just a few clicks, our intuitive TT Selection Tool provide you with possible fitting options based on the criteria of your patient.


iFAB – Your extended workbench

You set the direction for our fabrication process. Because we fabricate the desired product exactly according to your specifications and requirements. Together with your user, you determine the degree of customisation of, for example, silicone partial hand prostheses, prosthesis covers and silicone liners.



To support you and your patients, our library of ever-growing educational resources offers a wide selection of e-learning courses, fitting videos, and training materials all accessible at your own convenience.


YouTube channel

Visit our Ottobock Professionals YouTube channel for content and videos that is especially created for our professional customers.


Let's talk O&P podcast

Listen to Let’s talk O&P, Ottobocks podcast for CPOs, technicians, and everyone who works in the O&P industry.



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